Black Content Factory ™ is needed

Black Millennials spend $13.5 BILLION every single month. That’s $162 Billion worth of spending on the line every year. Black consumers spent nearly NINE TIMES the amount anyone else seen on products like beauty and hair care, yet hardly any brands use Black models in their marketing campaigns. Yet in 2018, startups in NYC raised $9 billion but only one percent went to Black startups.

Black Content Factory ™ provides a network of co-working spaces designed for Black startups to create content, products and services that are for us and by us. The Black Content Factory ™ provides hands-on labs, expert mentorship and event space to ensure our members feel safe and empowered to create, connect and generate opportunities. Black Content Factory ™ is a safe space for the creation of Black content including Black tech, beauty services, food and sports related content with a full service recording studio.

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